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Speech! Minju Kim wins national contest for her talk on Japan’s relationship with Korea

Photo of Minju Kim giving her speech at King's College London
We talk to the final year student about overcoming her fears to win the top prize in the 19th Japanese Speech Contest.

The art of translating culture and place

Photo of Esther standing at the foot of the steps to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Teaching Fellow Esther Tyldesley tells us about her PEN Translates award-winning work on The Sacred Clan by Liang Hong.

The Sparkling World of the Year 24 Group wins the David Laing Prize 2023

Photo of Francesca standing in front of a bookcase with her collection
Francesca Lutje-Wilkes, a final year student of Japanese, has won the University’s book collecting prize for her collection of the historical work of female manga artists.

MINT Chinese Film Festival brings together graduate talent in women on screen

Photo of Mint Chinese Film Festival staff
We hear from alumni and staff in Asian Studies and Film, Exhibition and Curation about the very first edition of a new festival showcasing films by and about Chinese women.

What’s it like to co-organise an international conference?

Photograph of Tsz Ho outdoors in woodland
Tsz Ho (Brian) Wong, an East Asian Studies PhD candidate, tells us about working with the Hong Kong Young Historian Institute on this year’s International Symposium for Young Scholars in Asia Seas.

In memoriam: Paul Dundas

Photo of a statue of Mahavira, 24th Tirthankara of Jainism
Julian Ward reflects on the passing of our friend and colleague Paul Dundas, Sanskrit expert and author of The Jains.

Meet our graduates: Shuangyi Li

The winner of this year’s Anna Balakian Prize is a three-time Edinburgh graduate who completed his PhD in French in 2015 and is now a Swedish Research Council Research Fellow at Lund University.

Finding the study path that’s right for you

Fourth year student Natalie Hotchkiss talks about taking time out and changing degrees midway through her undergraduate programme.