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From cyberpunk to information science via our MA in Japanese Studies

Callum Sarracino, a fourth year student of Japanese, traces his journey from manga fan to speech contest prize winner and a Daiwa Foundation Scholarship.

Fumiko Narumi-Munro wins Teaching Award for use of feedback

She reflects on working in partnership with undergraduate students and colleagues to reshape Japanese courses and excellent peer support.

Meet our graduates: Davina Hill

Having graduated with an MA Hons in Chinese and French in 2015, Davina is now taking the Fast Stream through the Civil Service as part of a leadership development programme.

Fostering a family atmosphere

We talk to Siobhan Park (Japanese and Linguistics MA Hons) about Japanese Studies Peer Support success in the Students' Association Impact Awards.

Meet our graduates: Zoë Vincent

Based in Fukushima City, Japan, Zoë graduated in 2015 with an MA Hons degree in Japanese Studies. She is Overseas Promotion Specialist at Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association.

Meet our graduates: Felix von Helden

Based in Tokyo, where he is currently enrolled on the German Academic Exchange Service's Japanese Scholarship programme, Felix graduated in 2018 with an MSc in East Asian Relations.

Meet our graduates: Jack Smith

Based in the British Embassy in Beijing, Jack graduated in 2008 with an MA Hons degree in Chinese. He is Senior Communications Manager for UK Research and Innovation China.

Meet our Undergraduate School Rep: Leah Duncan-Karrim

Leah, a second year student of Chinese, tells us about her plans for the role, which she'll hold for the 2018/19 academic year.