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Frequently asked questions

Common enquiries you may have about the test.

JLPT Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

What is the format of the test?

The JLPT is entirely in multiple choice format. Candidates are tested on:

  • kanji
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • reading comprehension
  • listening

There is no interview or oral paper.

What is the highest/lowest level?

The highest level is N1, and the lowest is N5. For details, visit:

JLPT official site

The JLPT Edinburgh Test Centre does not offer a level check for prospective candidates. Please consult your tutor for advice.

Can I take the test for more than one level simultaneously? For example, N2 and N3?

The test (all levels, i.e. N1-N5) is held simultaneously around the world, so it is not possible to take more than one level in the same test.

Do I have to be a UK national to sit the JLPT in the UK?

No. Anyone is eligible to sit the JLPT.

Japanese nationals however, may only take the test if their first language is not Japanese.

Where can I buy study materials?

Book Suppliers

Preparatory textbooks for the new 5-level JLPT format are freely available on Amazon and from Japanese book sellers such as:

JP-Books UK Ltd 14-20 Regent Street, London SW1X 4PH

JP Books UK Ltd

The Japan Centre 212 Piccadilly, London W1V 9LD

The Japan Centre

Past Papers

Recently Published - JLPT Koshiki Mondaishu (N1-N5) Series

Series of mock exams based on actual questions taken from the new 5-level JLPT from Japanese publisher Bonjinsha. Listening CDs are included.


The JLPT Koshiki Mondaishu (N1-N5) Series, including MP3 audio files, is also available to download for free from the official JLPT website. Please click on the following link.

JLPT Koshiki Mondaishu (N1-N5) Series downloads

The JLPT Koshiki Mondaishu Series is also available from the above stockists.

* Past papers for the old 4-level JLPT format are also available from the above stockists


There are many online resources to help you prepare for the JLPT.

JLPT Resources

Are there any JLPT preparatory courses?

The JLPT Edinburgh Test Centre has collaborated with JETAA Scotland to create a JLPT Bootcamp

What is the pass rate for the JLPT?

Click on the link below for previous years' JLPT statistics.

JLPT in Charts

Where do I send my completed application form?

The JLPT Edinburgh Test Centre will only accept applications online. Online application forms do not need posting.

What happens after I complete my application?

Once your completed application form and payment have both been received, you will receive:

1. an automated e-mail response confirming your payment

2. a second e-mail confirming your successful registration for the test

Test vouchers will be distributed in due course after the registration deadline has passed (NB: this could be up to 4 weeks after registration has ended).

What should I do after receiving my Test Voucher?

Once you have received your Test Voucher you should:

1. check that your details are correct (test level, name, sex, date of birth) - if there is an error, you should inform the host institution before the deadline printed on your Test Voucher

2. stick a recent passport-sized photo (3cmx4cm approx.) onto the box in the top-left corner - please have this done before you arrive for the test

3. check the address of the Test Venue and make sure you know where it is and how to get there - this information will be published on the Test Venue webpage

You MUST bring your Test Voucher on the day of the test with a valid passport-sized photo attached otherwise you will NOT be allowed to sit the test.

Where is the exam held?

The University of Edinburgh

Paterson's Land

Address: Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ

What is the Online Results Notification Password?

Beginning with the JLPT 2012 (July), test results can be checked online. You will need the 8-digit Online Results Notification Numerical Password you created when making your application, as well as your Examinee Registration Number to check your results online.

What happens if my mailing address is not in the UK?

Test results can be sent to a non-UK mailing address.

What do I do if I want to change my mailing address?

If you wish to change your mailing address from the one you entered in your online application form, simply contact us by e-mail and tell us your new address.

What do I do if I require special arrangements?

Any applicants requiring special arrangements are requested to contact the JLPT Edinburgh Test Centre directly at when making their application.

You will then receive a Special Arrangements application form to complete and return to us

Requests for Special Arrangements must be made when making your application

If I decide not to sit the test will I get a refund?

No refund will be given under any circumstances once payment has been accepted, unless cancellation is made by the Japan Foundation, the Japan Education Exchanges and Services or The University of Edinburgh.

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