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Distinguished Lecture Series: Sheldon Lu

This talk considers two approaches in contemporary Chinese literary, cultural, and film studies. One is to de-centralise, de-territorialise, and pluralize the object of China. The other is to re-territorialise and re-centre China, making China proper the object and subject of critical inquiry.

This divergence in approach is seen in the recent debate between some Mainland Chinese and overseas film scholars on Chinese-language cinema and the writing of film history.

Our speaker will discuss the characteristics, strengths and possible weaknesses in each approach, as well as issues behind Chinese-language cinema and the writing of film history.

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Prof Sheldon Lu in Utrecht

Professor Sheldon Lu is Department Chair of Comparative Literature, University of California. His research, scholarship and teaching lie at the intersection of literary studies, visual studies, film studies, China studies and cultural theory. Holding his MA and PhD in Comparative Literature from Indiana University at Bloomington, he edits the book series Critical Interventions at the University of Hawaii Press. He is widely published and is the author and editor of a dozen books in English and Chinese.


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Apr 25 2018 -

Distinguished Lecture Series: Sheldon Lu

'Strategies in Global Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies'. A free seminar by guest speaker, Professor Sheldon Lu (University of California). Part of the Confucius Institute Distinguished Lecture Series .

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