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Asian Studies Seminar: Knowing What Not to Know in Contemporary China

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Knowing What Not to Know in Contemporary China

By Margaret Hillenbrand...

How do post-socialist states process the violence of their pasts? This paper looks at the missing histories of contemporary China, and argues that conventional narratives of amnesia and censorship do not adequately explain why certain events have failed to gain commemorative traction in the present.

Post-socialist China, I argue here, is a domain rife with public secrecy, with what Michael Taussig calls that which is “generally known, but cannot be articulated”, and in whose disavowal many collude. As a form of socio-political containment, public secrecy is intransigent and tough to tackle, since exposure – the most obvious strategy against the covert – scarcely works for that which is already widely known. This paper argues that the aesthetic realm in China offers creative modes of reckoning against the unforgotten-yet-unsayable. In particular, a category of aesthetic objects which I call photo-forms – works which riff on well-known historical photographs – serve as spaces in which public secrecy emerges as trackable, opposable sound.

Margaret Hillenbrand is Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture at the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. She is the author of Literature, Modernity and the Practice of Resistance: Japanese and Taiwanese Fiction 1960 – 1990 (2007, Brill Academic Publishers) and Documenting China (2011, University of Washington Press). Her research and publications to date have focused on literary and visual culture in twentieth-century China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, and she is currently completing a book on the intermedial relationships between photography and a range of other aesthetic forms – literature, cinema, painting, and sculpture – in post-socialist China.

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Oct 17 2017 -

Asian Studies Seminar: Knowing What Not to Know in Contemporary China

A free seminar by guest speaker, Dr Margaret Hillenbrand of the University of Oxford.

50 George Square, Project Room (1.06), University of Edinburgh