Asian Studies

Asian Studies Seminar Series: Autumn 2017

A series of free seminars from guest speakers and colleagues in Asian Studies.

Each semester, Asian Studies welcomes a fantastic range of guest speakers and colleagues to present an evening seminar on their research, spanning fields as diverse as film and media, literature, religion, society and politics.

Covering some of the most vibrant regions of the world today, Asian Studies at Edinburgh includes long-established programmes in Chinese and Japanese, expertise in Sino-Japanese relations, and Korean Studies.

Seminars take place on selected Tuesday evenings at 5pm, usually in the Project Room (1.06), 50 George Square. Check the calendar for dates and venues.

Entry is free and no booking is required. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to be included on the mailing list for these events, please contact Xuelei Huang.

Autumn 2017 Research Seminars 

Nov 14 2017 -

Penetrating Knowledge: Cognition and Cosmic Flow in Early and Medieval Chinese Philosophy

A striking feature of early Chinese conceptions of knowing is an emphasis on the mind’s capacity to penetrate and move through spaces. This required stepping out of the confines of a single vantage point and approaching the world from multiple, and shifting, perspectives. Such a “mobile” conception of human knowledge was rooted in a dynamic, animated vision of the cosmos – one that was characterized by a continuous process of movement and circulation. Curie Virág, University of Toronto, traces the early development of the cognitive paradigm of mobility, as read through the shifting meanings and senses of tong 通 from the Warring States (c. 475-221 BCE) to the Song (960-1279 CE) periods. Tong represents an important alternative cognitive paradigm to certain dominant epistemological approaches in the modern Western tradition, in which true and objective knowing is often associated with a distant and unmoving vantage point. It also exemplifies the fascinating interdependence between conceptions of human knowledge and cosmological theory.
Oct 31 2017 -

Asian Studies Seminar: Korea's quest for economic democratization: Globalization, polarization and contention

Youngmi Kim presents a new book, Korea's quest for economic democratization: Globalization, polarization and contention. This book studies the sources of inequality in contemporary South Korea and the social and political contention this engenders. Korean society is becoming more polarized. Demands for ‘economic democratization’ and a fairer redistribution of wealth occupy centre-stage of political campaigns, debates and discourse. The contributors offer perspectives on this wide-ranging socio-political change by examining the transformation of organized labour, civil society, the emergence of new cleavages in society, and the growing ethnic diversity of Korea’s population.

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