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Asian Studies Seminar Series: Bingchun Meng

In brief

Date - 20 March 2024

Venue - Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square

Speaker - Dr Bingchun Meng (London School of Economics & Political Science)

Title - 'A Tale of Two Cities: AI, Development and Imaginaries of future'

About the event

This seminar features some initial findings from first-stage fieldwork investigating the social shaping of AI innovations and the political economy of AI industries in China. The work is part of a book-in-progress, which undertakes an inter-regional comparison of Shenzhen (a coastal metropolis) and Guiyang (an inland city).

The story that emerges from the field reveals features of the political economy of China’s technology industries, unequal development within the country and new social relations enabled through the development of digital technologies and AI applications. This work highlights how AI in China intersects with inequality on multiple levels including inequality in regional development, in resource mobilisation and agenda setting, and in different social groups’ capacities to imagine and shape the digital future. 

About the speaker

Bingchun Meng is a Professor in the Department for Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she also co-directs the LSE–Fudan Global Public Policy Research Centre. She is currently the director of LSE PhD Academy.

Her research interests include gender and the media, political economy of media industries, communication governance, and comparative media studies. She is the author of The Politics of Chinese Media: Consensus and Contestation (2018). From 2020 to 2021, she served as a senior fellow of Global Governance Futures 2035 organized by Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin under the sponsorship with Bosch Foundation.

About the seminar series

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Mar 20 2024 -

Asian Studies Seminar Series: Bingchun Meng

Join us in-person for a seminar by Dr Bingchun Meng (London School of Economics & Political Science) entitled 'A Tale of Two Cities: AI, Development and Imaginaries of future'.

Project Room 1.06
50 George Square
University of Edinburgh