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Learn modern standard Chinese in the context of Chinese and East Asian history, literature, culture, politics and international relations - past and present.

Why study Chinese in Edinburgh?

One of the world’s earliest civilisations, China is once again a major economic and political global power; one whose scale makes an understanding of regional and cultural differences essential.

Specialising in teaching students with little or no prior knowledge of the language, Edinburgh is the only university in Scotland to offer both single and joint honours undergraduate honours programmes in Chinese. You will learn to read, write and speak modern standard Chinese while exploring Chinese and East Asian history, literature, culture, politics and international relations, past and present.

You’ll be part of a friendly community of staff and students in Asian Studies, with its own Chinese Studies Peer Support Group, great links to the Confucius Institute for Scotland, and a regular seminar series featuring visiting speakers, all within a School passionate about languages, literatures and cultures from around the globe.

You’ll be based at the heart of the University of Edinburgh in a world-leading festival city with excellent links to China, a thriving East Asian cultural scene, and fantastic libraries, language learning facilities, and collections, including the EUL Chinese and East Asian Studies Collection of some 50,000 print and digital resources.

The programme at Edinburgh is unique in its structure because it allows you to not only study Chinese language with your peers, but also delve into China’s history, literature and film under the guidance of renowned lecturers. One of my favourite aspects of studying at Edinburgh is being able to connect with other students studying Chinese from across all four years; they are always willing and enthusiastic mentors.

Uma, Year 2, Chinese MA (Hons)

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