Asian Studies

A Flower’s Hardships 雨打梨花

After Bai Li’s first love leaves to join the war efforts she is left alone with her newborn baby. Unable to afford food she leaves for Shanghai to find better a better future.

Shanghai isn’t so nice to the single mother and she is soon forced into prostitution by her landlady. Her luck turns when she is rescued by a wealthy and handsome man. But can this happiness last?


Director Raven Salemink
Screenwriters Callie Stylianou & Liam Clague
Cinematographor Enyi Cheng
Editors Raven Salemink & Enyi Cheng
Intertitles Callie Stylianou


Bai Li Yiran Zhao
Shi Guang (First Love) Shiguang Zhu
Landlady Shasha Shao
Wei Cheng (Shanghai Man) Dave Lau
Father Hongxiao Wei
Prostitute Enyi Cheng
John 1 Shihao Yin
John 2 Alex Moore