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2017 Films and Winners

List of award winners from the Chinese silent film 2017 award ceremony.

Award Winner
Best film A Flower’s Hardships 雨打梨花
Best Actor/Actress in a Lead Role David Lau
Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role Shasha Shao, Ewin Tao
Teacher's Special Award for Best editing and music

Raven Salemink, Enyi Cheng

Teacher’s Special Award for Best location Cameron Scott (for the selection of the jail)

A Flower’s Hardships 雨打梨花

Hardships of a flower cinematic poster
After Bai Li’s first love leaves to join the war efforts she is left alone with her newborn baby. Unable to afford food she leaves for Shanghai to find better a better future.

Blown Blossoms Into City Dust 落花之城

Blown Blossoms cinematic poster
Due to the threat of war, two sisters leave their home in the countryside for the bright lights of a new and exciting city.

Award Ceremony gallery

Chinese Silent Film Award ceremony 2017
Pictures from the Chinese Silent Film 2017 awards ceremony.