Asian Studies

Seeing Double 儷影雙雙

Trapped in a loveless marriage and bullied by a cruel mother-in-law, Bi-wei abandons her extravagant Shanghai lifestyle to run off with her passionate lover.

Fearing the wrath of their masters, servants A Hua and A Hoong are faced with a dilemma. Their hopes lie in the hands of a young peasant girl, Siu-yun, who bears a striking resemblance to Bi-wei. However, adjusting from rural life to the opulence of 1920s Shanghai is no easy challenge. Can Siu-yun maintain the ruse long enough for the servants to find Bi-wei?


Director Isobel Moulder
Screenwriters Isolda Mayoral, Christopher McKay, Francesca Triggs
Editing Isobel Moulder
Music Shuang Liang, Isolda Mayoral
Intertitles Isolda Mayoral, Qi Wu, Shuang Liang
Costume/Set Qi Wu


Bi-wei (city girl) Sarya Wu
Chen Tsuo’yen Wayne Chang
Chen’s mother Jun Qiang
Siu-yun (rural girl) Sarya Wu
Shen Yu’an (lover) Yu-Jin Kashino
A Hua (servant 1) Chienwei Pan
A Hoong (servant 2) Shuang Liang