Asian Studies

Dear Ms. Lin 異夢

After being humiliated by the boss at the office, Xia Heng goes home only to receive an unexpected bouquet that seems to be dedicated to his wife Ms. Lin.

He assumes that his wife (Lin Baihe) is cheating on him. Feeling emasculated and challenged, that night Xia Heng has three dreams (some very wild ones!) that address his struggle to sustain the conventional image of masculinity in Shanghai Modern. However, in real life, is Baihe guilty at all…


Director Luona Xu
Screenplay Qiwen Wu, Dom Hall
Cinematographer Emma Lonsdale
Editor Joseph Brennan
Costume and Makeup Fan Lin


Xia Heng (Husband) Ziheng Zhou
Lin Baihe (Wife) Qingyin Feng
Robert (Lover) Dom Hall
Boss Fan Zhang
Lawyer Zihao Li