Asian Studies

The Only Dance 舞夜

When Mr. Liu and his wife move from the countryside to Shanghai, they are full of hope and joy. Their spiritually polluted neighbour quickly finds out about this pure and naïve couple, and gradually brings darkness upon them.

As Mr. Liu continues with his mundane studies, Miss Liu cannot resist the temptations of the metropolis. She eventually receives an invitation to the dance hall, where her unforeseen fate awaits her…

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Director Victoria Jin
Screenplay Qianqian Xie
Stage Direction Ankur Shah
Light Design Gabriel Tien


Miss Liu (Wife) Jasmine Xie
Mr. Liu (Husband) Peter Yu
Miss Song (Neighbour) Victoria Jin
Shop owner Qianqian Xie
Waiter Gabriel Tien
Western Man Robin Veale
City Girl #1 Katherine Wei
City Girl #2 Joni Chiang