Asian Studies

Change of Heart 覆水難收

A beautiful wife falls victim to the seduction of the handsome Westerner and pursues this affair. But the Westerner has other ideas...

Set in the late 1920s in a China on the brink of Civil War, Change of Heart tells the story of a Chinese couple and the breakdown of their seemingly perfect marriage at the hands of a charming and alluring Westerner.

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Director Chunxu Ge
Cinematographers Georgie Greene & Mina Pampus
Music and Sounds Georgie Greene & Mina Pampus
Screenplay Chunxu Ge


Jia Zezhi Yang Zhijun
Ye Liangchen Yichi Zhang
Westerner James Ward
The Other Woman Chelsie Tang
The Solicitor Jamie Noble
The Betting Friend Njal Horneyer