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2015 Films and Winners

List of award winners from the Chinese silent film 2015 award ceremony.

Golden Chopsticks Award Winners

Award Winner
Best Poster Georgie Greene
Best Music Gabriel Tien
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Robin Veale
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Victoria Jin
Best Cinematography Georgie Greene, Mina Pampus
Best Screenwriter Ge Chunxu, Chen Xinzhan
Best Actor in a Lead Role Peter Yu
Best Actress in a Lead Role Wang Ziyang
Best Director Ge Chunxu
Best Film The Only Dance
Creative Vision Blue Gardenia
Best Shop assistant Xie Qianqian
Rising Star Award Taylor McLeister


Change of Heart 覆水難收

Poster for Change of Heart
A beautiful wife falls victim to the seduction of the handsome Westerner and pursues this affair. But the Westerner has other ideas...

The Only Dance 舞夜

Poster for The Only Dance
When Mr. Liu and his wife move from the countryside to Shanghai, they are full of hope and joy. Their spiritually polluted neighbour quickly finds out about this pure and naïve couple, and gradually brings darkness upon them.

Award ceremony gallery

Participants at the Chinese Silent film awards 2015
Pictures from the Chinese Silent Film 2015 awards ceremony.