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2014 Films and Winners

List of award winners from the Chinese silent film 2014 award ceremony.

Golden Chopsticks Award Winners

Best Picture Sunset, Sunrise
Best Director Thomas Flanagan
Best Cinematography Jacqueline Wallace, Raquel Cruickshank, Noemi Lemoine
Best Actress in a Lead Role Vicky Bennett
Best Actor in a Lead Role Shan Siping
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Steve Yang
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Ma Siyu
Best Music Emma Hay, Alba Wang
Best Set Design Jacqueline Wallace
Best Poster Agnis Belte, Noemi Lemoine
Judge’s Special Award for Screenwriting Love Never Fails
Judge’s Special Award for Artistic Achievement The Last Drop of Ink

The Last Drop of Ink 春江遺墨

Poster for The Last Drop of Ink
Set in 1930s Shanghai, The Last Drop of Ink tells the tale of a lady trapped in a miserable marriage and her infatuation with a bohemian artist

Love Never Fails 長相依

Poster for Love Never Fails
When the innocent and wholesome Little Six comes to Shanghai to work for the rich Liu family, she does not know that it is the very same family her brother was sold to eighteen years earlier

Sunset, Sunrise 日落日出

Poster for Sunset Sunrise
In 1929, after the tragic death of her parents, the innocent Dujuan (Pang Yilin) decides to move to the big city of Shanghai. Little does she know about the dangers of the spiritually polluted metropolis

Award ceremony gallery

Participants at the Chinese Silent film awards 2014
Pictures from the Chinese Silent Film 2014 awards ceremony.