The Alwaleed Centre


The Alwaleed Centre provides a wealth of resources to interested parties.

Resources for schools

Islam is consistently misrepresented in the West, with the media often portraying Islam as a threat to western beliefs and values.

Resources for media

Islam is frequently in the news, locally, nationally and internationally, but understanding the background to what is happening - whether this is in the UK, France, Egypt or Indonesia - is not always easy.

Resources for policy makers

We are able to offer various resources and advice to policy makers.

Resources for the public

The Alwaleed centre offers a number of possibilities for members of the public interested in our activities.

Resources for the Classroom

The Alwaleed Centre is currently working on a number of original resources focused on Islam for teachers in secondary schools.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development for teachers

Study Days

"There's more to Islam than the Five Pillars..."

Podcasts and Videos

We attempt to record as many of our events as possible so they can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.