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British Council Edinburgh-UIII Going Global Partnership

A major two-year project funded by the British Council aimed at building transnational teaching and research connections between the Alwaleed Centre and the Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia in Jakarta.

UIII Jakarta
The UIII Campus in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The generous British Council Going Global Partnership Grant of £29,400 which was awarded to Alwaleed Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow, Dr Siti Sarah Muwahidah, will fund a number of Visiting Fellowships alongside a series of student exchanges and curriculum workshops. This will enable a deep and consistent relationship to be built between the University of Edinburgh and the Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia in Jakarta (UIII).

The ultimate goal of the project is to bring together UIII's new Islamic Studies MA and the Alwaleed Centre's new Globalised Muslim World MSc as a Dual Degree Programme option for students in UIII, offering them the opportunity to study in both Indonesia and Edinburgh on two separate but mutually enriching programmes. 

Sarah Muwahidah and Noorhaidi Hasan
Project Leads Dr. Siti Sarah Muwahidah (University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan (Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia)

In bringing together the University of Edinburgh and the UIII, this project also aims to model a more ‘decentered’ approach to the teaching of Islamic Studies, broadening exposure to, and deepening awareness of, the demographic realities of the contemporary Muslim world beyond the Middle East.

Key Activities:

  • Four curriculum development and dual degree planning workshops.
  • Joint Teaching programme.
  • Visiting Scholars from the UIII to the UoE (three scholars over two years).
  • Visiting Scholars from the UoE to UIII (two scholars over two years)
  • Student Exchanges (four students over two years).
  • A Joint International Conference on focused on 'Decentering Islamic Studies'.

Project Updates:


Behind the Scenes of Bringing this Transnational Dual Degree to life:

Dr Muwahidah's trip to UIII 

During her visiting fellowship at UIII, she plays an essential role in several activities, such as realizing a transnational dual degree program that brings together the UIII's MA in Islamic Studies and the UoE's MSc in The Globalized Muslim World; carrying out a joint teaching program; and developing international exposure and research development which includes conferences and public lectures.

Dr Muwahidah at UIII

Learn more about the role Dr. Muwahidah,  Alwaleed Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow on Contemporary Muslim Societies in Southeast Asia, played behind the scenes to establish this exciting transnational dual degree.





Professor Noorhaidi Hasan visits Edinburgh 


Professor Noorhaidi Hasan says, “In 2023, it is hoped that all students from the Faculty of Islamic Studies at UIII who have qualified for the dual degree program will be able to finish their two-year studies at UIII and the University of Edinburgh.”

Dean of Faculty of IS at the Alwaleed Centre


Click here to gain insight into how the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies UIII, Prof. Noorhaidi Hasan co-led the establishment of this international Dual Degree Program.






Dr Kholoud Al-Ajarma's Visiting Fellowship

Kholoud is also an award-winning photographer and filmmaker with extensive experience developing and leading refugee communities' programs and projects

Dr AlAjarma

Click here to read about Dr Kholoud Al-Ajarma,  Alwaleed Lecturer in the Globalised Muslim World visit to Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII).



Further Information:

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