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Alwaleed Cultural Network

The Alwaleed Centre at the University of Edinburgh is proud to be a member of the Alwaleed Cultural Network (ACN).


What is the Alwaleed Cultural Network?


The Alwaleed Cultural Network is a platform that connects globally important universities, museums, and cultural institutions to help create a more inclusive and connected world.

The Alwaleed Cultural Network and its members wok together to help foster a more accepting and tolerant world. The network’s mission is to improve cross-cultural understanding across the world through education, research, exhibitions and public engagement.

The foundations of the Alwaleed Cultural network date back 20 years, with the establishment of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, in 2003. Since then, the network has grown and grown to include 12 members from three continents.

The Alwaleed Cultural Network brings together:

 Cultural Institutions and Museums:

Cultural Institutions and Museums showcasing exhibitions, art, and artifacts showcasing a rich and diverse cultural heritage include:

Community Engagement and Projects:

Alwaleed Philanthropies provided an endowment of more than 20 million Euros for The Louvre Museum’s Islamic Art wing. It also supported and trained refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq as museum guides in the award-winning initiative The International Multaka Network.

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