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'Muslims and Political Participation in Britain' was a two-day conference hosted in Edinburgh by the Alwaleed Centre.

The conference brought together academics and practitioners from across the UK, Europe, the United States and Australia to discuss political participation at both grassroots and governmental levels.

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Eighteen of the twenty papers presented at the conference are now available to download as podcasts. Thank you to all the presenters for two exceptional days of papers and particular thanks for allowing us to make your presentations available on our website.

Panel 1: Civil Society and Social Movements

Engaging young Muslims in campaigning on global poverty issues

Presented by Shabana Basheer from UK charity MADE in Europe.

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'Islamic' environmentalism in Great Britain

Presented by Rosemary Hancock, PhD candidate at the University of Sydney.

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Muslim women as political actors in the UK since 9/11

Present by Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick.

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Panel 2: Muslim Representative Organisations

Official Muslim institutions in Britain and Russia...

...the Muslim Council of Britain and Russia's Council of Muftis in comparative perspective.

Presented by Ekaterina Braginskaia, University of Edinburgh.

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The state and Muslim organisations in Britain

Presented by Sean McLoughlin, University of Leeds.

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A case-study of MINAB in the UK

Presented by Mohammad Mesbahi, the Islamic College, London.

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Panel 3: Theoretical and Normative Approaches

Conceptualizing Muslim identity politics in Europe

Presented by Nasar Meer, University of Northumbria.

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'Muslims' in politics: some critical philosophical reflections on religion and citizenship

Presented by Farid Panjwani, Aga Khan University.

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Panel 4: Young People

Political participation among second-generation British Muslims: a qualitative exploration

Presented by Asma Mustafa, independent researcher.

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Facebook groups as potential political publics?

...exploring ideas of the political amongst young British Muslim Facebook users.

Presented by Brooke Storer-Church, University of Bristol.

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Active citizenship: young Muslim leaders

Presented by Tehmina Kazi, British Muslims for Secular Democracy.

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Panel 5: The 2010 General Election

Exploring Muslim identities in the 2010 General Election

Presented by Jan Dobbernack, University of Bristol.

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A Muslim cicil society initiative: the YouElect project

Presented by Jamil Sherif, Muslim Council of Britain.

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Mosques and political participation: the case of the 2010 General election in Britain

Presented by Maria Sobolewska, University of Manchester.

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Panel 6: Representation and Participation

'A system of self-appointed leaders'?

...differentiating between modes of Muslim representation in Britain.

Presented by Stephen H. Jones, University of Bristol.

Unfortunately, the first few minutes of this paper were not recorded.

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Patronage politics as political resource: the case of British Pakistanis

Presented by Parveen Akhtar, University of Bristol.

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Panel 7: European Experiences

Politics, religion and identity: the case of Muslim politicians in Belgium

Presented by Fatima Zibouh, University of Liege.

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Presented by Joost Berkhout (UUniversity of Amsterdam) and Didier Ruedin (University of Neuchatel).

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