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Islam and the West: more complex than you might think

In August 2013, the Alwaleed Centre sponsored a timely lecture at the Edinburgh International Book Festival by Professor John Tolan (University of Nantes) reflecting on his new co-edited book: Europe and the Islamic World: A History. Professor Tolan offered four vignettes featured in the book as examples of how the relationship between Europe and the Islamic world is complex, nuanced and ever-changing. We were not able to record the event, but the director of the Alwaleed Centre, Professor Hugh Goddard, has written a two-page summary which can be downloaded via the link below.

Who speaks for Islam?

A survey by the Gallup organisation of opinion in 35 Muslim-majority nations on a variety of questions, including attitudes towards the West.

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Measuring the state of Muslim-West Relations

A follow-up report, published by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center at the end of November 2010, attempting to chart progress or otherwise in the relationship between Islam and the West and to assess the different factors involved.

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The Pew Global Attitudes Survey

This report, normally published each year in the summer, contains a great deal of material about Muslim and other attitudes towards the West in general and the United States in particular.

2010 Report

2009 Report