The Alwaleed Centre

Our objectives

The Alwaleed Centre was set up with a number of key objectives in mind.

The six key objectives of the Centre

  1. To improve radically knowledge and understanding of Islamic civilisation and of Muslims in Britain among policy-makers, the general public, and students of all ages in the UK through a comprehensive educational outreach programme, and by helping to integrate the study of Islamic civilisation into the school curriculum
  2. To advance tolerance, mutual understanding and cross-cultural dialogue between Islam and the West by building new partnerships with institutions in the Muslim world, and with mosques and madrasas within the UK
  3. To foster intellectual curiosity and build educational excellence among young Diaspora Muslims in the United Kingdom
  4. To create the UK’s leading resource for expertise on Islam in the modern world, based on the integration of the study of Islamic civilisation and issues relating to Islam in modern Britain
  5. To produce, on a self-sustaining basis, a world-class cadre of researchers at the postgraduate and post-doctoral levels by providing studentships and fellowships designed to feed into the next generation of academics as well as the public and private sectors
  6. To establish a model partnership network with Muslim and other universities around the world, both within and outside the Arab world, that creates new opportunities for knowledge transfer and fosters collaborative research.