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Dr İdil Akıncı

İdil is an Alwaleed Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow with research interests in migration and identity.

Dr Idil Akinci

İdil joined the Alwaleed Centre in September 2019 as an Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow. Her research interests and experience centre around the issues of national identity, citizenship and belonging in multicultural societies, with a focus on the Arab Gulf States.

She holds a PhD in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex (2018), where she explored the everyday experiences of national identity and citizenship by young Arab migrant communities and Emirati citizens in Dubai. İdil also conducted fieldwork in Dubai with South Asian migrant communities during 2012-2013 as a part of her MA degree in Sociology at the City, University of London. She has published her work in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies.

İdil has taught a number of undergraduate courses in sociology, migration, human geography, and social anthropology both at the University of Sussex and Zayed University in Dubai. She is currently working on her post-doctoral research, where she investigates how Syrians, born and raised in the Arabian Gulf States, develop new strategies to acquire alternative citizenship from Western European countries, taking into consideration the ripple effects of the political situation present in Syria and the ramifications of such upon their relationship to citizenship and future plans, within the Gulf and Europe.

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