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Course Enhancement Questionnaires

Information about the end-of-course Course Enhancement Questionnaires available to students at COL

The Course Enhancement Questionnaire (CEQ) is an end of course online questionnaire which asks you to summarise your experience of the course and to offer feedback. This information helps the Centre for Open Learning gain an insight into the student experience of each course including its teaching staff, content and resources.  These questionnaires also give students the opportunity to suggest new course ideas. 

Students can feedback on their experience using this form at the end of a course. You will be sent an email after your class with a link to the survey.

How is CEQ data used?

We use data from CEQs to guide and evaluate changes in course design and teaching. We also use data to inform our annual course and programme reviews and they feed into our Centre’s Annual Quality Report that is sent to the University's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS).

We do not analyse data to identify individual students - responses are anonymous.

How are the results distributed?

The Student Surveys Unit sends a report to the Course Organiser. These reports are for the use of the Course Organiser. In addition, school reports are sent to administration staff. These contain data on student and School questions and these reports can be shared with staff and students. Summary results are used for quality assurance monitoring. The Centre's Director of Quality uses these results for the Annual School Quality Report submitted to the College.

Student responsibility

It is the responsibility of students to provide constructive feedback on their courses through CEQs. When answering CEQs we ask students to ensure they follow the University guidelines on Dignity and Respect and to avoid unconscious bias. You can find out more about the Dignity and Respect Policy and unconscious bias via the links below.

Dignity and Respect Policy

Unconscious Bias

Other ways to feedback to the Centre for Open Learning

Find out more about the other feedback methods the Centre for Open Learning has available to its students.

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