Edinburgh Summer School 2024

UG Matriculation

All students on a credit course have to matriculate to get the full student experience.

Summer School Undergraduates

What Is Matriculation? Matriculation is an annual process that all credit-bearing students must complete. It is the means of formally becoming a student at the University of Edinburgh. 

Why Do I Need To Matriculate? 

All students on credit courses need to matriculate, as this enables:

  • Students to have an official University of Edinburgh record
  • Access to online tools and learning platforms, such as MyEd and Learn - your teachers may use these tools to upload class materials, and you will need to have completed matriculated to successfully access them
  • Students to submit work for assessment, and have it marked and graded
  • An official University of Edinburgh student card to be created
  • Access to University of Edinburgh networks and services, including use of University computers and libraries

If you do not matriculate, you won't be able to submit work for assessment or gain access to the resources listed above.

 What Do I Need To Do?

Once you receive the official emails regarding matriculation from the University of Edinburgh, follow the instructions they provide to complete the process. There is also information and guidance about matriculation available on our website: https://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/short-courses/studying-for-credit/matriculation-guide

Editing Personal Details 

When matriculating you will have an opportunity to change some of your details, such as adding a preferred name. There are some details you can’t change, for this you can contact the Student Systems team. For guidance on this see here: https://www.ed.ac.uk/student-systems/support-guidance/students/change-your-student-record