Summer School 2021

Credit Study

More information about credit for transfer to your home institution.

Credit Courses

Summer School courses are certified by the University of Edinburgh and are worth up to 20 credits depending on the course length. If you wish to enrol for a credit-bearing course but you don't need or want to obtain the credit, you can study the course without submitting the assessment.

Credits awarded by the University of Edinburgh are part of the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF). 20 SCQF credits are the equivalent to 10 ECTS credits or 4 credits for U.S. students.

Credits are offered at Level 8 - for those in the first year of university or above Transferring Credit

It may be possible to transfer credits from credit courses offered by the University of Edinburgh Summer School to your home institution. You must confirm this directly with your home university as the Summer School is not able to do this on your behalf. We advise that you speak to your home university prior to applying for your Summer School course to confirm if your Summer School credit can be transferred. Your home university may ask for a course outline to make this decision - you can find these on the relevant course page.


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