Edinburgh Summer School 2024

Study Sociology this Summer

Hear from Teaching Fellow Gisli Vogler tells us what he loves about his Intro to Sociology and Social Research course.

About the Course

Where does our sense of self and identity come from? And, how are differences between people in society produced and reproduced? How are they shaped by the society we live in?

The course introduces you to key sociological theories and research and you will use these insights to discuss contemporary issues and familiarise yourself with core research methods and the principles of research design in the social sciences.

Throughout, you will have the opportunity to engage with a range of sociological research in and from different parts of the world.


Why You Should Take this Course

Gisli Vogler, Teaching Fellow

I am very excited about adding a sociology course to our Summer School Programme. This course will familiarise you with key sociological approaches and how these help us better understand topics as varied as responses to climate change or racism. You will gain a systematic introduction to the main research methods in the social sciences and how sociologists use these methods to study social issues around the world.

One thing I absolutely love about sociology (and this course!) is how studying something as ordinary as our relationship with others can prove such a multi-layered and rich topic, and how we can use it to develop far-reaching insights into how we live our lives and for almost any debate currently occurring in society and academia. 

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