Edinburgh Summer School 2024

Registration Information

Students enrolled upon credit bearing Undergraduate courses and non-credit Pre-University courses will be registered with the University in slightly different ways. Please see the appropriate section for guidance about what’s required of you before your course commences.

Summer School Information - Registration

Information for students enrolled on an Undergraduate credit-bearing course

Online registration

If you are enrolled upon a credit-bearing course, you will be entered onto the University of Edinburgh’s student system as part of your matriculation process. This will enable you to access your EASE, MyEd and EUCLID accounts. When you are entered onto our system, you will receive an email notification.

This will be sent to the personal email address which was provided on your application form. This email will provide you with your student number (UUN) and a temporary password. Many of the automatic messages which you receive from the University of Edinburgh’s central system will relate to the university’s ‘year-round’ student intake, and therefore won’t be applicable to you. However, it will be necessary for you to complete online registration when you are prompted to do so. Online registration will be available to you via the Student Details channel in your Accounts tab within MyEd. The following page provides information and guidance in the area of online registration Student Systems Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any further support during the online registration process.

Student card

In order to ensure that you receive your student card (which will ensure you have access to all university facilities) it will be necessary for you to upload a photograph to your MyEd student portal. You will find the Card Photo Submission channel in your Accounts tab after you have logged in to MyEd. Please ensure that you upload a photograph to your MyEd account as soon as you are able.

See the following webpage for further guidance: Student Card

Please ensure you follow the step-by-step matriculation guidance you receive via email and don’t miss any step of the process. If you do not matriculate, or do so incorrectly, you might not be able to make use of all the online resources, the University’s facilities, and might encounter issues in submitting your assignment and receiving your marks. If you have any doubts or need assistance matriculating, please email col.admissions@ed.ac.uk or visit the UG matriculation section of the website.

Information for students enrolled on a Pre-University course (non-credit bearing)

EASE Registration When you have been accepted to the Summer School, your details will be entered onto the university’s student system. When your enrolment is complete, you will receive an email from the Summer School containing your student visitor login details for IT services.

This email will provide you with your student number (UUN) and a temporary password. Using the UUN and your temporary password, you can create your EASE account. EASE is the university’s sign in system. It is essential that you register with EASE before attempting to register for the university’s internet services.

Student visitor card

In order to enable the creation of your student visitor card (which will allow you access to all required university facilities), you will need to provide the Summer School with a passport-style photograph of your head and shoulders. Please do this as soon as possible after your acceptance onto the course has been confirmed.