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About the Course

Find out more about the BOSCC Training Course.

Who is this course designed for?

The BOSCC was developed by Rebecca Grzadzinski and Catherine Lord as a sensitive, objective measure of change in behaviour for children on the autism spectrum. It captures change in core behaviours associated with diagnosis of autism, drawing on a dyadic play and interaction video sample. It is an ideal way to measure differential, between-groups change in early intervention studies.

Participants in the course should have expertise in autism. They may also have a specific study planned in which they intend to use the BOSCC, but this is not essential for course attendance.  WPS will issue a free, limited-use licence for the BOSCC for use on the course. Trainees should be aware that they will need a separate licence from WPS, linked to a planned and approved study, before they can use the BOSCC outside the course. Trainees must be approved in advance by the BOSCC publisher, Western Psychological Services (WPS).  WPS will issue a free, limited-use licence for the BOSCC to each trainee, linked to their proposed study.

Dates and Cost

The course will take place over Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2017. The cost of this course is £400 per person.

Aims and objectives

  • To become familiar with BOSCC administration options
  • To become confident about BOSCC coding from video
  • To be able to apply the BOSCC to a specific research context
  • To understand BOSCC reliability criteria and be able to apply these within your research group
  • To consider benefits and considerations when using the BOSCC

What does the course include?

The course will include: introduction to the BOSCC; consideration of BOSCC administration options and consequences for coding / study design; large group and small group BOSCC video coding practice; discussion of the parameters of BOSCC administration; development of an action plan for BOSCC use in your study.

Course Format

The course will include a mixture of lectures, large group coding practice and small group coding practice.  In addition, each trainee will be asked to independently code one video as ‘homework’ on the first evening of the course.

Course Registration

In order to register for the BOSCC training course please complete the following online application form.  We will then contact you to confirm your place and send details on how to make payment for the course.

BOSCC Course Registration

For further information please email us at BOSCC@ed.ac.uk