Bespoke: Courses for Groups


Details of accommodation options.

Our Bespoke Groups have a number of options when it comes to accommodation:


  • Choose to arrange their own accommodation for their stay in Edinburgh If you choose to arrange your own accommodation privately, we strongly advise that you carefully research your options and only book accommodation through known and reputable providers. We also recommend that you carefully review the provider’s cancellation policy before booking. 


  • Request University of Edinburgh accommodation (subject to availability) We cannot guarantee availability and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If your preferred choice of accommodation is not available, we will contact you and provide alternatives. If we can provide you with an accommodation placement, details will be included in your course booking confirmation and payment will be due at the same time as your Bespoke course fee.


  • Request Homestay accommodation(subject to availability). We anticipate that our Homestay service will be available from Spring/Summer 2023. Homestay is a unique housing option that provides a memorable Scottish family experience with an excellent opportunity to develop English skills with native speakers. The Homestay team will try to place you within a local family home that is right for you. Hosts are vetted for their care and understanding of International students as well as providing a clean and comfortable home. The service connects cultures through nurturing family environments, enabling students to practice Conversational English, and feel safe within Edinburgh. 


Please advise on your enquiry form what type of accommodation options you are interested in.