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The Centre for Open Learning's Open Lecture Series is back for autumn/winter 23/24.


Open Lectures are back at COL!

Last year’s Open Lectures were enjoyed by so many, we decided to bring you some more - stay tuned for this seasons' schedule.

With such a diverse range of Short Courses, our colleagues have designed a range of exciting Open Lectures, offering you the chance to get a taste for a subject area you have an interest in.

And the best thing is – they’re completely FREE to join!

Economics as a Social Contract (Online)

Dr Vangelis Chiotis, Teaching Fellow in Economics

Tuesday 26 March 2024 (19:00-20:15)| Free | ONLINE 

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Economics is about the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. This lecture explores the concept that economics is a social contract - a set of rules that determine social behaviour.

It will consider how the social contract is defined by its participants, the established rules and the rationale for following these rules. This lecture will look at how economic theory is better than traditional contract theory at identifying these characteristics because its mathematically-based approach leads to unambiguous results. An example of this is how the law of supply and demand objectively determines a unique market price, and hence, it bypasses the need to agree on a contentious ‘fair price.'

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