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Legal Services provides legal advice to Schools, Colleges and service groups across the University.

We deal with a wide range of legal matters that impact the University, its staff and its students, including advising on contracts, disputes, academic matters, and dispute resolution.We can also assist with procuring specialist external legal advice where required.

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If you would like to request legal support or find out more about the areas we support, please contact us at the link below.

We also carry out legal workshops and awareness raising sessions. Please contact us if there are any legal topics on which you would like training and we will be happy to discuss possible options.

Some information on frequently asked legal questions on a variety of issues, such as who can sign documents on behalf of the University, can be found in our FAQs and Guidance page. 

Please note that we are unable to provide legal advice to staff regarding personal matters, nor are we able to provide legal advice to students.

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Other Specialist Support Areas

In some cases, such as academic collaborations or procurement-related matters, advice is provided by other teams within the University – please refer to the contact details for specific queries section for more information, or contact us if you are unsure where to direct a query.

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