Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the path offers a unique space to slow down, still the mind and find time in a fast paced world for reflection.

The Edinburgh Labyrinth is a path of welcome for anyone - staff member, student or visitor. Why not walk it at lunchtime or at the beginning or end of your day?

It takes around 30 minutes at a steady pace.

The Labyrinth Path

Entering the Labyrinth

When you enter the labyrinth you can trust yourself to the simple path ahead and begin to slow down. As you walk to the centre let it be a time to release the thoughts and feelings preoccupying you. Allow your mind to quieten.

The Centre

When you reach the centre be still. It is a place of openness and receiving.

Returning along the path

As you return along the same path reflect on any insights and connections that may have come to you and begin to integrate new insights and possibilities into your life.

Why you might use the Labyrinth

  • Start the day off well
  • Gain a renewed sense of well-being and inner peace
  • Focus on a particular question or issue
  • A path of meditation or prayer
  • As a creative, experiential learning context
  • To celebrate a life event, for example birthday, graduation
  • To remember someone
  • For simple outdoor exercise
  • Walk with a group as a shared experience

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Use it in whatever way is helpful for you.