Building the Edinburgh Labyrinth

The building of the beautiful path in the gardens in George Square.

After two years with only the indoor canvas labyrinth available once a week for walking it was clear the University needed a much more accessible labyrinth for staff and students to walk throughout the week.

People Involved

Ron Chisholm (architect at the University) drew the design for the Chartres-style path based on the 13th century labyrinth laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France.

Creative Driveway and Landscaping worked on the physical laying of the labyrinth with consultancy help from Jim Buchanan, a Scottish landscape artist.

Construction Materials and Setting

The labyrinth was built using granite sets and stones set in a resin bond. The ceramic “hearts” and “trefoils” in the centre rose were beautifully crafted by Jim Buchanan’s father.

It is bounded by a yew hedge and has four simple oak benches around the path. Next to the entrance stand three tree trunks. They hold information and a bronze cast finger labyrinth.

The labyrinth is set in the north-west corner of the peaceful gardens in George Square.


It was officially opened in October 2005. Since then the path has been regularly walked by many different people.


Funding for this project has come from the Development and Alumni Trust and is gratefully acknowledged.

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