Centre for Integrative Physiology

Research groups

Profiles of our Principal Investigators.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Σ = Signalling, neurones & networks

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Δ = Development, degeneration & regeneration

Name Research interest Research theme  
Busch, Emanuel Physiology and genetics of sensory neural circuits in C. elegans                   Σ  
Cousin, Michael Presynaptic Cell Biology                   Σ  
Davies, Jamie Organogenesis, synthetic biology, databases                   Δ  
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex                   Σ  
Denholm, Barry Organ development and physiology                   Δ  
Doitsidou, Maria Degeneration of dopaminergic neurons                   Δ  
Duguid, Ian Neural circuits and motor behaviour                   Σ  
Dutia, Mayank The vestibular system and cerebellum                   Σ  
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling                   Σ  
Flatman, Peter Control of membrane transport within the cell                   Σ  
Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia                   Σ  
Fotaki, Vassiliki Eye development and ocular disorders                   Δ  
Gillingwater, Tom New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases                   Δ  
Gkogkas, Christos Translational control in neuropsychiatric diseases                   Σ  
Greiss, Sebastian Genetic code expansion and neural circuits                   Σ  
Hall, Andrew Chondrocytes, cartilage and osteoarthritis                   Σ  
Hardingham, Giles Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS                   Σ  
Jackson, Mandy Purkinje cell dysfunction and degeneration                   Σ  
Jarman, Andrew Developmental control of sensory neurogenesis and ciliogenesis                   Δ  
Kind, Peter Disorders of Brain Development                   Σ  
Leng, Gareth Physiology of neuroendocrine networks                   Σ  
Le Tissier, Paul Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland                   Σ  
Livingstone, Dawn Steroid hormone signalling                   Σ  
Ludwig, Mike Neuropeptides and their effects on behaviour                   Σ  
Maciver, Sutherland The protein Actin and the biology of amoebae                   Δ  
Mason, John Embryonic development of the forebrain                   Δ  
Menzies, John Appetite control and food choice                   Σ  
Mitchell, Rory Receptor-mediated signal transduction                   Σ  
Murray, Joanne Growth and development of the ovarian follicle                   Δ  
Murray, Lyndsay Degeneration of motor neurons                   Δ  
Nolan, Matthew Neural circuits and computation                   Σ  
Osterweil, Emily mRNA translation and synaptic connections                   Σ  
Pawson,  Adam Curation and annotation of databases                   Σ  
Paxton, Jennifer Musculoskeletal tissue engineering                   Σ  
Pennetta, Guisy Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases                   Δ  
Pratt, Tom Roles of carbohydrates in the developing brain                   Δ  
Price, David How brains are made                   Δ  
Rochefort, Nathalie Neuronal processing of visual information                   Σ  
Romano, Nicola Single cell information processing in the pituitary                   Σ  
Shipston, Mike Ion channel physiology                   Σ  
Simmen, Martin Computational modelling of nucleosome positions                   Δ  
Skehel, Paul Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration                   Δ  
Smillie, Karen synaptic vesicle recycling                   Σ  
Spears, Norah Female reproductive development                   Δ  
Stefan, Melanie Understanding of learning and memory                   Σ  
Telfer, Evelyn Follicle and oocyte development                   Δ  
Theil, Thomas Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain                   Δ  
Torsney, Carole Somatosensory plasticity                   Σ  
van den Driesche, Sander Male reproductive health and disorders                   Δ  
Wiegand, Rolly Visualisation of vesicle trafficking                   Σ  
Wyllie, David Physiology and pharmacology of ion channels                   Σ