Institute of Genetics and Cancer
Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Teaching & Research 2020

At the Institute of Genetics and Cancer (formerly IGMM - the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine), your safety is our top priority.

We realise that September 2020 is an anxious time for our new and returning students.  However, we want to reassure you that we will be open and ready to teach and undertake research at the start of the new academic year on 21 September 2020.

For further information please visit our Graduate Research and Training page:

A.Finch research

Lectures, seminars and research

In order to keep our community safe, teaching will be both digital and in person. We are adopting a hybrid model, blending the best that we can offer you from both worlds. Your individual programme co-ordinators will explain this to you in detail.

Student supervision

Student supervision is currently more challenging. Your project supervisors or programme co-ordinators will be able to explain how this will work for you. In many situations we will use a hybrid model of both direct and indirect interactions, if you have any questions please contact


The Institute of Genetics and Cancer is a family, looking out for each other. We are excited that you are becoming part of our family. If you need any local support please contact student admin ( or one of the postgraduate directors (Nick Gilbert, Val Brunton, Kathy Evans). More information is available in our student handbook but if you need more support the university has lots of expertise in looking after students. A good place to start is the student Health and Wellbeing webpage:


Welcome to The University of Edinburgh and we look forward to working together

Nick Gilbert

Director Graduate Research and Training

Institute of Genetics and Cancer