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Edinburgh Research into Cancer (ERIC) Fund

Andy Sims
Dr Andy Sims

The ERIC fund was created to support research taking place in Edinburgh that investigates the causes of cancer and existing and emerging therapies.

Donations to the fund will be used to enhance research by scientists across the University of Edinburgh into various types of cancer, using our unique expertise and strengths to improve our understanding and devise new, kinder therapies for patients in Edinburgh and beyond.

The Fund was instigated by Dr Andy Sims, researcher at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer, who sadly passed away in 2021 as a result of melanoma. Clinicians and scientists at the Institute are working together to tackle cancer, with particular focus on melanoma, sarcoma, colorectal, breast, ovarian, endometrial and brain cancer.

Read more about Dr Andy Sims’ career: Andy Sims, scientist, mentor and teacher; our valued colleague

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Hastie Career Advancement Fund

Nick Hastie
Professor Nick Hastie CBE FRS FRSE

The Hastie Career Advancement Fund was initiated in 2018 to support the legacy of Professor Nick Hastie in supporting, training and advancing the careers of hundreds of research scientists during his time as Director of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, and the MRC Human Genetics Unit.

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Awards from the fund will provide support to talented early-career scientists at Institute of Genetics and Cancer towards taking the next step in their career. Funds will allow scientific exchange or the generation of initial data to support bids for career development awards in high-priority areas for Institute of Genetics and Cancer, for example fundamental questions of cell function, eye disease, kidney disease, cancer, developmental disorders and population health. Awards will be made annually via a competitive process judged by a panel of Institute researchers.

This fund has been initiated by Nick’s colleagues, former trainees and friends, and we welcome donations to sustain the fund.


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