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Versus Arthritis Fellow Dr Erika Kague joins IGC

Dr Kague will develop a research programme investigating the role of osteocytes in bone diseases

Portrait photo of Dr Erika Kague
Dr Erika Kague

Dr Erika Kague is based in the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine. Her research focus is to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying osteoarthritis to help better understand the condition, and to identify targets for future treatments.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, painful condition that afflicts 70% of the ageing global population. It is a leading cause of disability without effective treatment. Dr Kague’s work will focus on the function of osteocytes, star-shaped cells that are the most abundant cell-type in our skeletons.

Dr Kague will investigate how molecular changes in osteocytes could drive the onset of osteoarthritis and serve as potential therapeutic targets.

The Kague Research Group will utilise both zebrafish and osteocyte cell culture to answer their research questions. Zebrafish are aquatic model organisms that both have osteocytes, and develop osteoarthritis during their life course. The advantages of this animal model are that they share around 80% of disease-causing genes with humans, are genetically amenable and are transparent - allowing the dynamic study of cell interactions and lineage tracing.

Dr Kague’s research will leverage the Zebrafish, Advanced Image Resource, Sequence and Histology Facilities at the IGC to give life to her ideas. Dr Kague is pioneering research on osteocytes in fish as model systems to advance our knowledge about the role of osteocytes in bone diseases, with special focus on osteoarthritis. She will bring innovation to the field of bone research as well as to translate her findings into therapeutics.


I am happy and humbled to begin my role as a group leader in the scientific thriving and supportive environment that the IGC offers. 

Dr Erika Kague



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