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Professor Sara Brown performs in her first Edinburgh Fringe Show to a full house

Dermatology Professor Sara Brown took part in an Edinburgh Fringe show as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas. August 2022

Photo of Sara Brown performing

CGEM and IGC’s Professor Sara Brown performed the first of two shows this year at The Stand Comedy Club last night (Tuesday 16th August 2022). She was joined on stage by comedian Susan Morrison and Dr Kasey McCall-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Public International Law. 

At the show, Sara’s interactive stand-up routine entertained and challenged the audience, with a discussion about the essential functions of skin and how this tissue can be a ‘window’ into the human body and emotions. 

The show was part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Idea’s (CoDI) Edinburgh Fringe programme. CoDI aims to “provoke discourse, discussion and debate over some of researches most controversial topics” by bringing academics and comedians together at the Edinburgh Fringe each year.

Performing alongside such an experienced comedian as Susan Morrison was an amazing experience. It was nerve-wracking but the capacity audience was a great encouragement, they were very interactive and questions were brilliant. I now have a personal backstage pass for The Stand Comedy Club which I will treasure!

Professor Sara Brown
Photo of Sara Brown's Fringe VIP badge

Feedback and comments on social media include: ‘It was a brilliant show’, ‘…had a fantastic time watching the amazing @drsarabrown in action…’ and ‘Sara is a natural stage performer’.

Professor Sara Brown will perform a further show entitled ‘What does your skin say about you?’ at The Stand’s New Town Theatre (96 George Street) on the 27th August at 1:30pm. Tickets are available from the link below. 

Tickets available here (external site)

Professor Sara Brown will detail and reflect upon her experiences of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in an upcoming post on the IGC blog. Details will be posted here when available. 


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