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Live from the Lab with the Brain Tumour Award team

Virtual Lab Tour with Prof Neil Carragher’s Research Group

Artistic representation of a brain microenvironment

We have missed our usual lab tours at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, which have unfortunately been curtailed during the pandemic. However, it is still important to us to give supporters of our work and patient representatives an insight into our latest progress and an opportunity to hear from the scientists undertaking this vital cancer research.

Late last year, a research team led by Professor Neil Carragher ran the first ever virtual lab tour held at the Centre, highlighting their work as part of the Brain Tumour Award funded by Cancer Research UK in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity. As part of this "Live from the Lab" event, attendees were able to meet the researchers virtually, engage with our research and ask any burning questions in the same way as our face-to-face lab tours, with the added benefit of easier access for patients who may be currently undergoing treatment.

Catch up via the recording below and delve into this fascinating research to uncover the best combination therapies against aggressive brain tumours. With an overview of the project by Prof Neil Carragher, discover the science behind drug screening with Dr Richard Elliott, explore how drug combinations are tested with patient-derived cells with Dr Laura McVeigh and hear from Dr Mitch Foster about precision medicine approaches in preventing recurrence of the disease.

Video: Virtual Lab Tour with Prof Neil Carragher’s Research Group
Virtual Lab Tour with Prof Neil Carragher’s Research Group at the CRUK Edinburgh Centre. Focused on brain cancer research.