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The following news articles were published in 2021.

Opportunities for stratification in endometrioid ovarian carcinoma

Edinburgh researchers used unique dataset that combines hormone receptor expression patterns with matched genomic characterisation to identify opportunities for patient stratification in endometrioid ovarian carcinoma: June 2021

A new PhD training programme focused on epilepsy research awarded

A new Doctoral Training Centre led by Prof Richard Chin (Child Life and Health) and Prof Cathy Abbott (Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine) has been funded by the charity Epilepsy Research UK. June 21.

DNA repair pathway implicated in Cornelia de Lange syndrome

Researchers at the MRC Human Genetics Unit found that a gene mutation associated with a CdLS like syndrome results in changes to DNA damage signalling and repair: May 2021

Andy Sims, scientist, mentor and teacher; our valued colleague

All at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer were saddened to learn of the untimely death of our colleague Dr Andy Sims: May 2021

Optimizing treatment for the older and frailer cancer patients

Schematic of the human digestive system
Study with important contributions from Edinburgh investigators finds that less chemotherapy is noninferior to more in frail and elderly patients with advanced gastroesophageal cancer: May 2021

TestEd project receives £1.8 million UKRI backing to roll out across the University

TestEd logo collage
A £1.8 million award from UK Research and Innovation will enable the TestEd team to provide fast and cost-effective twice weekly COVID-19 testing across the University.

Inflammatory mediators of severity in COVID-19 infection

A recent publication in Science Immunology from Dr Kenneth Baillie, including work from Prof Yanick Crow and Prof David Hunt, identifies inflammatory mediators implicated in COVID-19 severity. April 21

RAC1B is an important mediator of colorectal tumourigenesis

Rac1b deletion effects in a mouse colorectal cancer model.
Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists identify RAC1B as an important mediator of colorectal tumourigenesis and a potential target for enhancing the efficacy of EGFR inhibitor treatment: April 2021

New insights into how severe brain cancer evades immune attack

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre researchers uncover mechanisms underlying immune evasion in Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM): April 2021

Spinout BioCaptiva launched to unlock cancer detection through liquid biopsy

IGMM News 2014 - Tim Aitman
A spinout from the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine targets the early diagnosis of difficult-to-detect cancers with a new blood-based biopsy device.

IGMM renamed the Institute of Genetics and Cancer

From 1 April the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) will go by a new name, the Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC): April 2021

RSE Fellowships for Liz Patton and Jim Wilson

Prof Liz Patton of the MRC Human Genetic Unit and CRUK Edinburgh Centre and Prof Jim Wilson, MRC Human Genetic Unit Affiliate, have been select as Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: March 2021

UKRI & MRC Innovation Scholarships initiative awarded for Data Driven Life Science Skills Development project

Data Science in Biomedicine Workshop
UK Research and Innovation and the Medical Research Council’s £10 million Innovation Scholarships initiatives have gone to secondments and training programmes in health and bioscience, including a Cross-College project led by Alison Meynert: March 2021

Focal Adhesion Kinase controls transcription via chromatin accessibility

Schematic model illustrating regulation of IL-33 expression by FAK.
A study led by CRUK Edinburgh Centre scientists provides the first demonstration that Focal Adhesion Kinase controls transcription via chromatin accessibility: January 2021

CBE for Prof Wendy Bickmore in Queen's New Year Honours

Professor Wendy Bickmore, Director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit, has been appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of her services to biomedical sciences and to women in science: January 2021

Accurate and cost-effective COVID-19 PCR test developed

A cross-Institute research team led by Martin Reijns have developed a multiplex assay with human quality control probe, performing as well as commercial tests but at a tenth of the cost: December 2020

Genes could be key to new Covid-19 treatments, study finds

Edinburgh researchers collaborating in the global GenOMICC consortium identify potential treatments for Covid-19 after the discovery of five genes associated with the most severe form of the disease: December 2020

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow join forces to train young doctors in musculoskeletal disease

The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are joining forces to train young doctors in research relevant to the causes and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The ambitious new project which will see the institutions combine their global excellence in biomedical research and teaching to advance understanding of musculoskeletal diseases.