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Outstanding contribution awards for MRC Human Genetics Unit postdocs

Congratulations to Chloe Stanton, Peter Tennant and Alessandro Brombin who received awards during National Postdoc Appreciation Week: September 2020

Chloe Stanton Portrait
Chloe Stanton

As part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2020 (21 – 25 September), the University of Edinburgh postdoc societies from across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM) came together to organise a virtual event to celebrate the vital role postdocs play across the College.

The event showcased some of the incredible work postdocs do outside of their research, to improve academic life and to engage the public with their science. Nominations were invited from across the College for outstanding contributions public engagement, supervision of students and contribution to the wider community.

Peter Tennant Portrait
Peter Tennant

The event included exclusive comedy from Bright Club member Isaac Shaw (Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas), participants Andrea Ford and Giulia DeTogni as well as videos and photos of postdocs working from home. The challenges postdocs face in their careers was also highlighted, with discussion on the Concordat and a few words from Dr Sara Shinton, Head of Researcher Development at the University. The Concordant and various University initiatives will hopefully start to change postdoc life for the better, so postdocs can continue to contribute their skills, creativity and enthusiasm to research and the wider world.

Twelve awards were presented for outstanding contribution. Our congratulations to the following winners from the MRC Human Genetics Unit:


Alessandro Brombin portrait
Alessandro Brombin

Research Supervision Award

Chloe Stanton (Veronique Vitart Research Group)

For helping students to develop independent critical thinking and providing an approachable and inspirational support to the lab.


Citizenship Award

Peter Tennant (Pleasantine Mill Research Group)

For taking on extra responsibilities, commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and supporting the restarting of research following IGMM’s temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Public Engagement Award

Alessandro Brombin (Liz Patton Research Group)

For skill, enthusiasm and dedication to public engagement activities including Doors Open Day and High School outreach activities.