Institute of Genetics and Cancer

DNA: Disease, Nature, Ancestry ─ Three billion letters of you

​​​​​​​Professor Chris Ponting delivered a fascinating and engaging inaugural lecture at IGMM on 30 September: November 2019

Chris Ponting lecture

Professor Ponting’s inaugural lecture titled ‘DNA: Disease, Nature, Ancestry ─ Three billion letters of you’ was the first of the new academic year for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The series of lectures are given by Professors or Chairs newly appointed by the University and are open to the public to attend.

While explaining his fascinating professional journey, Professor Ponting - Chair of Medical Bioinformatics and a Principal Investigator at the MRC Human Genetics Unit – delivered a captivating account of the history of our fragile thread of DNA, how it binds us to the rest of life on Earth, and how DNA is revealing what goes wrong in genetic disease.

The many school pupils in attendance were inspired to learn of Professor Ponting’s cross-disciplinary career path - as a Professor of Medical Bioinformatics who started out in physics – and to experience the atmosphere of such a busy lecture theatre.

The inaugural lecture was followed by a reception which was open to all who attended.

To watch Professor Ponting's lecture, follow the link to the recording below.