Institute of Genetics and Cancer

IGMM 3 minute thesis competition winners

Isobel MacGregor wins the 2017 IGMM 3 minute thesis competition: April 2017

IGMM 3MT 2017

Congratulations to the 6 talented students who undertook the challenge of explaining their PhD research in just 3 minutes, using only 1 slide! Carolin Temps, Issy MacGregor, Nikki Hall, Robb Hollis, Thomas Williams and Toby Gurran all gave outstanding presentations. Issy MacGregor won and Thomas Williams came second. Thanks to Martin Reijns, IGMM Student Liaison Officer, for organising and the judging panel: Nick Hastie, Helen Nickerson, Dominique Balharry, Christine D’Offay and Dee Davison. Good luck to Issy MacGregor and Toby Gurran who will go onto represent IGMM at the CMVM College Round on Monday 10th April.





Watch the videos below: