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CRUK EC post-doc Matthew Smith wins FEBS Letters Poster Award

Matthew Smith, a post-doctoral researcher in Dr Simon Wilkinson’s lab in the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, won the FEBS Letters Poster Award at the EMBO Conference on Autophagy: from molecular principles to human disease: September 2017

Matthew Smith's FEBS letters poster prize certificate

Matthew’s poster, entitled “CCPG1, a non-canonical autophagy cargo receptor essential for pancreatic ER proteostasis”, focused on the identification of a novel protein, CCPG1, which interacts with the intracellular degradation pathway called autophagy. He found that this protein is required to maintain a healthy pancreas in mice.

The EMBO Conference called "Autophagy: from molecular principles to human disease" took place between 25-29 September in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its focus was autophagy, the cellular quality control process responsible for recycling unwanted proteins, making their molecular building blocks available to build new proteins. The process of autophagy and its regulation are important in health and disease, including in a cancer context.


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