Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Broughton High School Partnership: Celebration of Achievement

IGMM Scientist presents awards to pupils for Biology, Chemistry and Physics: June 2014

The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) has a long standing partnership with neighbouring Broughton High School that enables students to meet scientists both within the research environment and during school workshops and events.

The school's annual celebration of achievement took place on 12th June, with the IGMM continuing to sponsor the student prizes in biology, chemistry and physics.

Dr Martin Reijns, the researcher who presented the awards to the pupils, said: "The research we do in our Institute involves people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I studied biotechnology, but I have colleagues who studied subjects such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer sciences. We hope that the partnership between our Institute and the school helps students make decisions about what they would like to go on and study."