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News 2014

An archive of IGMM News from 2014

Child blindness research highlighted in the media

IGMM News 2014 - childhood blindness
Researchers identify genetic changes linked to coloboma: January 2014

Metal implants may cut chemotherapy side effects

IGMM News 2014 - scientist photo
Researchers at the MRC IGMM identify a new possible way of treating tumours: February 2014

New Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellows

IGMM News 2014 - Andrew Jackson
Congratulations to University of Edinburgh Staff: March 2014

Congratulations to Dr Paul Brennan

IGMM News 2014 - Wellcome Trust Logo
ECRC Researcher awarded the Lancet Prize 2014: March 2014

Welcome to Professor Tim Aitman

IGMM News 2014 - Tim Aitman
Appointed Chair of Molecular Pathology and Genetics: March 2014

Scientists trace ‘bad’ fat back to its roots

IGMM News 2014 - bad fat
This important discovery can help us learn more about fat and it's health consequences: March 2014

New maps for navigating the genome unveiled by scientists

IGMM News 2014 - New Genomes Map
Our genome holds the code for creating a fantastic diversity of cell types: March 2014

New Science Insights work experience programme

IGMM News 2014 - Science Insights
IGMM helps launch a new initiative for High School Students: April 2014

Imaging Innovation in Drug Discovery

IGMM News 2014 - Neil Carragher Lab Photo
ECRC Scientist is published in prestigious "Nature Reviews Cancer": April 2014

Causes of depression in spotlight with £4.7m funding boost

IGMM News 2014 - Edinburgh University Logo
The University of Edinburgh has been awarded £4.7million from the Wellcome Trust: May 2014

Athena SWAN bronze award

IGMM News 2014 - athena swan
Edinburgh Clinical Medical School gains Athena Swan Bronze status: May 2014

Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta's Research: ACS Editors' Choice

IGMM News 2014 - Dr Asier
ECRC Researcher's recent paper is commended: June 2014

Professor Andrew Jackson elected as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

IGMM News 2014 - a.jackson fellow
MRC HGU Programme Leader elected as Fellow: May 2014

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship Award

IGMM News 2014 - leverhulme fellowship
Awarded to Dr Shipra Bhatia of the MRC HGU at the IGMM: May 2014

Professor Bickmore elected as next President of The Genetics Society

IGMM News 2014 - Wendy Bickmore 2
The Head of the Chromosomes and Gene Expression Section of the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the IGMM, has been elected as the next President of The Genetics Society: May 2014

Commendation in Edinburgh BioQuarter Innovation Competition

IGMM News 2014 - bio quarter
PhD Student Craig Fraser awarded a Commendation in the 2014 Edinburgh BioQuarter Innovation Competition: June 2014

I’m a Scientist, get me out of here!

IGMM News 2014 - I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here
PhD student Lucy Remnant will be taking part in the 'Proteins Zone' of the June 2014 'I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!: June 2014

Broughton High School Partnership: Celebration of Achievement

IGMM News 2014 - broughton high school pupils
IGMM Scientist presents awards to pupils for Biology, Chemistry and Physics: June 2014

RSE/CRF Biomedical Personal Research Fellowship Award

IGMM News 2014 - RSECRF Biomedical
Dr Shipra Bhatia from the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the IGMM has been awarded a five year Fellowship: June 2014

10th anniversary of the NC3Rs

IGMM News 2014 - 10th anniversary
Researchers visit the House of Lords to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the NC3Rs: July 2014

Sunshine vitamin ups bowel cancer survival

IGMM News 2014 - Malcolm Dunlop
Early research from the ECRC suggests vitamin D may help boost bowel cancer survival: July 2014

Professor David Cameron is Scottish Cancer Research Champion

IGMM News 2014 - David Cameron
For the first time in Scotland, cancer has a single research clinical lead: July 2014

Chancellor's Award for Professor Margaret Frame

IGMM News 2014 - Margaret Frame
Professor Frame praised for innovation, relevance, creativity and personal dedication: September 2014

Researcher wins Special Jury Prize at Edinburgh International Film Festival

IGMM News 2014 - Film Crew on Set
Raffaele Ottaviano co-directs Short Film Coral Red: September 2014

Young Scientist Award

IGMM News 2014 - Girish Mali
PhD candidate Girish Mali awarded a Young Scientist Award at Tsukuba Global Science Week: October 2014

‘Pathology in Action: Disease, Dissection and Diagnosis’ schools event:

IGMM News 2014 - Pathology in Action
Event held at the IGMM for National Pathology Week and International Pathology Day: November 2014

Immune fault linked to disease

IGMM News 2014 - lab image
Scientists from the IGMM discover new things about gene mutations: November 2014

Study reveals effects on body mass index of gene linked to heavy smoking

IGMM News 2014 - Study Reveals
Collaboration between the University of Bristol and IGMM researchers: December 2014

Gene Relocation

IGMM News 2014 - Wendy Bickmore
MRC Human Genetics Unit scientists have discovered what it takes to change the location of a gene inside of the cell nucleus: December 2014

Research excellence and national assessment (REF2014) results

IGMM News 2014 - Scientist Image
The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine’s reputation has been affirmed: December 2014

A successful year for the IGMM

IGMM building
Directors and researchers can celebrate their achievements in 2014: December 2014

Awards, Fellowships and Promotions 2014

IGMM News 2014 - Nick Hastie receives honorary degree
2014 has been a successful year for the Directors and researchers of the IGMM: December 2014