Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Seminar series

The Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

Sessions are open to all within CMVM, University of Edinburgh - Please contact for more information.

Unless stated, seminars take place on Thursdays at 1pm in the IGC Lecture Theatre


RNP condensate disassembly and neurodegeneration: Exploring the role of low-complexity sequences

Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 1:00pm (E4 Seminar Room)

Purusharth Rajyaguru

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Host: Pragya Mittal

Modelling early embryo development using human naïve pluripotent stem cells

Thursday 25th May

Dr Ge Guo

Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter

Host – Jenny Nichols

Ubiquitination in brain cancers pathogenesis and radiotherapy

Monday 29th May, 2-3pm (so not the usual 1-2)

Professor Vincenzo D'Angiolella

Host: Professor Margaret Frame & Professor Charlie Gourley

Silencing retrotransposons, from DNA to RNA methylation and back

Thursday 1st June

Professor Deborah BOURC'HIS

Institut Curie

Host: Duncan Sproul

Title - TBC

Thursday 8th June

Mariya Moosajee


Host – Chloe Stanton

Genetic causes and modifiers of parkinsonism

Thursday 15th June

Christine Klein

Lubeck, Germany

Host – Cathy Abbott

Title - TBC

Thursday 22nd June

Nathalie Spassky


Host – Emma Hall

Title - TBC

Thursday 29th June

Kim Jenson

University of Copenhagen

Host: Kevin Myant

Title - TBC

Thursday 5th October

Professor Andrew Beggs

University of Birmingham

Host: Professor Val Brunton