Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Science Insights Online 2020

We received almost 300 applications from all over Scotland, nearly three times our usual number, and so we have expanded the number of places from 40 to 65 to meet the demand and pupils from under-represented groups were prioritised. We will run open sessions on two days, on Monday 27 and Friday 31 July, for everyone that applied.

The programme will run over 5 days, between 1-4.30pm Monday to Friday, and will include a mix of pre-recorded and live content about biological, biomedical and animal science.

The first day will focus on the 65 pupils getting to know each other during icebreaker activities. Then the first open sessions for all applicants will include

  • An introduction to the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine by Dr Catherine Elliott, College Registrar and Honorary Consultant Obstetrician
  • Generation Scotland, a biobank of human biological samples and data available for medical research, will describe how, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it undertook research on the impacts of COVID-19 control measures on people’s health and wellbeing through their CovidLife and TeenCovidLife surveys
  • The university’s Widening Participation Team, that aims to raise aspirations and educational attainment among prospective students from under-represented groups, will talk about preparing for higher education and ensuring success when studying biological, biomedical and animal sciences
  • As universities are increasingly diverse communities, they aim to be ever more accessible and inclusive and so there will be a presentation 'Science is for Everyone'

The theme of Tuesday’s activities is ‘science behind the scenes’ with interactive presentations on the IGMM Zebrafish Facility; working with large animals at the Dick Vet School; using microscopes and the first of the “Meet the Scientists & Technicians” sessions.

Wednesday’s activities will focus on ‘ethics and science’, starting with the use of animals in research and a workshop on undertaking research with people living with medical conditions and finishing with the second “Meet the Scientists & Technicians” session.

The theme of Thursday’s activities is ‘science skills’, with pupils using kits posted out to them to try hand tying sutures at home and sessions on clinical skills, as well as learning about sharing research with the public with a presentation on science and the media and finishing with the third “Meet the Scientists & Technicians” session.

On the last day, during the open session, pupils will learn how our researchers responded to the Coronavirus Pandemic in various ways, including establishing a COVID-19 Testing Centre at the MRC IGMM and rapidly undertaking innovative research into this new virus. Then the university’s Widening Participation Team will provide practical advice on applying for university. The intense week will wrap up with pupil’s sharing their assignments and planning for when we can get together face to face in the future.


Science Insights Online 2020

During the last week of July, we'll deliver our annual Science Insights cross-college work experience programme for S5 pupils for the 7th time. However, this year it will be online for the first time, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: July 2020