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Genetics: Standing on the shoulders of prejudice- livestream

The JBS Haldane Lecture recognises an individual for outstanding ability to communicate topical subjects in genetics research, widely interpreted, to an interested lay audience. This speaker will have a flair for conveying the relevance and excitement of recent advances in genetics in an informative and engaging way.

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Edinburgh has a long history of genetics and genomics research, which continues into the present. With permission from the Royal Institution and the Genetics Society we will livestream this important event in the Lecture Theatre of the Institute of Genetics and Cancer and hope to precede the livestream with a few words from some Edinburgh Geneticists on the talk topic.

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Oct 11 2023 -

Genetics: Standing on the shoulders of prejudice- livestream

In this talk, Adam Rutherford explores how, as we continue to use and celebrate the advances of our intellectual predecessors, we frequently fail to acknowledge the toxic political views that informed their work

Institute of Genetics and Cancer, The University of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road South, Edinburgh EH4 2XU