Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Forward Phase Antibody Microarrays

Rapid detection of protein analytes including cytokine and chemokines across multiple samples

Forward Phase Antibody Microarrays

Our forward phase antibody microarray technology makes use of well validated capture/detection antibody pairs sourced from companies like R&D Systems for the relative quantification of secreted factors associated with inflammation and angiogenesis, e.g. chemokines/cytokines/adipokines.

We offer a portfolio of 90 validated antibody pairs covering a range of cytokines, adipokines and growth factors. Unlike many commercial platforms we do not use detection antibody cocktails, instead favouring an approach whereby only the matching capture and detection antibodies are ever mixed.  This reduces non-specific signals that can arise by antibody crosstalk, which is a common cause of false positive results in these assays.

At HTPU we offer a customised forward phase array assay service where 64 selected assay targets are measured per study. Both human and mouse antibody panels are available and can be run on samples from cell culture experiments, in vivo samples and human serum.

The HTPU Facility incorporates the following core capabilities

  • Customised panel of paired capture and detection antibodies for each study.
  • Capability to process 10-20 samples per assay: larger study number can be processed across multiple assays.
  • Established Standard Operating Procedures for all sample handling, processing, and data analysis steps.
  • Results provided at multiple laser power/gain settings to ensure non-saturated signals are obtained for all assay targets.
  • Robust data analysis with dedicated data visualization and analysis software (Mapix).

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